Survey: 48.6% of Digital Marketers Admit Incompetence

According to a survey by Smart Insights, 48.6% of marketing respondents answered, “I need to improve my depth of knowledge,” across seven key digital marketing areas, on average:

DisciplinesNeeds improvement
Social media marketing47%
Search engine marketing (SEO and PPC)51%
Public Relations (PR)39%
Digital strategy53%
Design (web, mobile, multichannel)42%
CRM and big data58%
Content marketing50%


Based on online discussions, you might expect the gap would be social media, content marketing or strategy, but when looking at the highest percentage of those that need to improve their depth of knowledge –  it’s in CRM and Big Data.

Given that 60% of most Marketers time is spent in digital marketing, it’s not surprising that skills development and acquiring knowledge is key.