About VAR Channel Marketing

In 2008, the key team members at VAR Channel Marketing (VCM) served as the marketing department for a regional virtualization VAR. The economy was terrible and times were tough. The inside sales team was working overtime, but telemarketing efforts simply weren’t paying off. Out of necessity, we started using email marketing heavily—even to book appointments. We’d send email blasts to thousands of contacts to book a week’s worth of meetings and it was working!

Of course the economy rebounded and times got better, but we never stopped email marketing. In fact, we doubled-down on digital marketing—we upgraded to Marketing Automation and Wordpress and started blogging as well. Next, we started running live events and used our Marketing Automation platform to process the invitations, registrations, confirmations, and follow ups. Our live events were so successful, we sold millions of dollars of products and services and held events to break into new territories.

We knew we had struck gold and wanted to help other VARs achieve the same, so in May of 2010 we formed VAR Channel Marketing. VCM offers its clients all the best of its strategies and tools as a full-service digital marketing agency. We work with your manufactures to coordinate campaigns and live events and even show you how to fully utilize your MDF. Many of our clients use their MDF to help pay for our services. It’s a win / win / win.

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