How Content Transforms Salespeople Into Superheroes [Infographic]

social-selling-superheroThere’s no question that the buying process starts online—most likely with Google. Even when your sales team is engaged, a prospect expects and plans to learn more at their own pace (on your website).

There are so many things in this infographic that are exactly on point that I feel obligated to point them out!

So here they are from top to bottom:

  1. Majority of buyers will do most of their research online before contacting you—Absolutely TRUE… except maybe for some early baby boomers.
  2. Buyers choose the first sales rep to add significant value—In the 10+ years I spent selling IT solutions to hundreds of companies I recognized this truth years ago. In fact, I coined my own phrase for my VAR sales team in the early 2000’s, “The first to make the proper diagnosis will be the one to sell the cure.”
  3. The fact is, people make purchasing decisions emotionally and early in the buying process. Don’t try to change or fight this core human drive. Instead, work with it, be a sheppard, enable it with educating content.
  4. Social media now plays a huge roll in B2B sales. Mostly in the form of trusted recommendations and customer feedback. In the IT solutions biz, this means LinkedIn mostly. However, there’s zero reason not to participate on Facebook, Twitter and more—even if you’re just sharing your website blog posts and listening for conversations.
  5. In my view, marketing is the vendor and sales is the customer. It’s unfathomable that a vendor would create solutions for their customers without communicating and collaborating together.
  6. I think it’s safe to say that A.B.C has been replaced with T.A.C (trust, authority, credibility), although it would break Alec Baldwin’s heart!
  7. I’m dying to know if you caught the above reference. Comment and let me know!!


Infographic by Sales for Life