Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is an expansive undertaking with lots of moving parts that can easily become overwhelming. Just subscribe to a few online marketing blogs and your head will spin with all the flavors of the month tactics.

The truth is none of those “tricks” work for VARs and mostly amount to wasted time and money.

Although VARs are in the business of selling technology, the sales process is very traditional—it’s relationship based. It’s about earning your clients’ trust and providing solid solutions to real business problems.

So what does work online?

It all starts with a solid message and value proposition.

Then leverage various online channels to get that message out to more of your target prospects more frequently, so you can increase your prospect and customer engagement resulting in stronger relationships and more sales.

It’s as simple as that.

VCM Marketing Process

But Simple does not mean Easy

Since 2008, VAR Channel Marketing has been refining our online and digital marketing strategy, resulting in thousands of new leads and millions of dollars in sales for our clients. What has worked best for our clients is a unique combination of:

  • Content Marketing: consistently creating extremely valuable and relevant digital content blended with your unique and powerful messaging, including blog posts, ebooks, white papers and case studies.
  • Email Marketing: sending purposeful and relevant emails using intelligent targeting, timing and alerting provided by Marketing Automation.
  • Social Media Marketing: while it is true that most IT decision makers don’t hang out on Facebook and Twitter all day there is a low-investment strategy for leveraging these networks. Also, LinkedIn is an excellent channel for meeting new prospects and increasing engagement.
  • Online Advertising: this is probably one of the most underutilized mediums for VARs. Somewhere along the line paid advertising got a bad rap for small B2B businesses. However, if done correctly, online advertising can provide an excellent ROI! The #1 mistake with paid advertising is the design of the funnel, but with our experience and tools you won’t have that problem!
  • Search Engine Optimization: it’s getting harder and harder to “cheat the system” when it comes to SEO. While there are definitely white hat and manual strategies that will bolster your search rankings, the most effective and sustainable strategy is to simply create great content that gets shared—that’s #1. When it’s time to take your SEO to the next level, our SEO experts will research your target keywords and outranking pages to devise and implement a strategy to beat your competition!