MDF Management

mdf-sheetYou may be aware that your company qualifies for Marketing Development Funds (MDF) from your manufacturers and distributors, but are you taking full advantage?

If you’re like most VARs, the answer is “no”.  There’s simply not available time and resources to put together campaigns that qualify for MDF and so your money is wasted, given to another partner—one of your competitors.

Managing MDF is just like anything else. It requires attention and resources to nurture and grow. Resources most VARs simply don’t have. Let us relieve you of that burden, make use of 100% of your funds and lobby for more!

Manufactures love spending MDF with VCM because of our detailed and well-thought out campaigns, analytics and reporting, and predictable results.

Have you seen an MDF request form lately? The level of detailed planning and analytics required is next to impossible for a VAR without a dedicated marketing department—unless you’re a VCM customer!

Let us manage and optimize your MDF. We’ll handle it all, including

  • Quarterly marketing planning and budgeting with your manufacturers
  • MDF campaign request forms (according to your manufacturers’ requirements)
  • Campaign analytics (e.g. registrants, shows, no-shows, qualification / survey answers)
  • Manufacturer-specific lead reports and contact lists

When manufacturer marketing managers have the choice to give funds to a partner with a proven marketing team or one without, which do you think they choose?