Web Development

Marketing Operations has become increasingly technical and complexweb-dev

Successfully implementing and integrating web properties, Marketing Automation, CRM, and sales / marketing workflows can be as challenging as a VDI deployment!

Consider all the technologies your VDI engineers must be proficient with in order to ensure your clients’ success: servers, storage, virtualization, networking, Windows, Active Directory—and the list goes on.

Likewise, our developers and marketers must be proficient with WordPress, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Apache, SalesForce.com, SugarCRM, Connectwise PSA, Marketing Automation, email marketing, copywriting and more.

It all begins with your website

Gone are the days of online brochures. Today’s websites are content hubs—magnets where visitors are captured, identified, tracked, nurtured and converted into customers. Like a high-performance automobile, a great website is a delicate balance of form and function.

If your current website is not delivering the goods, then let’s have a conversation. VCM will create a visually stunning website that effectively communicates your message, generates leads and delivers results!

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Something that sets VCM apart from other web development and marketing services companies is our methodical, process-oriented approach and project management, derived from our 30+ combined years in the IT services business.

VCM’s website design and build process consists of several separate stages, which all move forward in parallel when possible.

1. Creative Design and Layout

The skill set for creating stunningly gorgeous designs and brilliant user-interfaces is very different from that of a technical web developer. Our web designers are creative experts at visual design, branding and usability. Everything begins with form in consideration of function for the best of both worlds.

Our design team will provide you with up to 3 design concepts for your consideration. We will then meet and discuss the concepts for greater clarity and choose one for further development. Once the completed design is exactly to your liking (including all  layouts / views) the next process will begin.

2. Build and Implementation

VCM’s web development team is highly trained and experienced in multiple disciplines, including WordPress, PHP, CSS and various other technologies. Our web developers work with our creative department to ensure a perfect marriage of form and function and are aware of each other’s quality requirements.

VCM Quality Standards

There are many web development companies that still use the antiquated technique of “slicing” up a graphical design and implement the image slices in HTML tables. Although this allows for fast turnaround, this creates many quality issues, especially for responsive designs.

VCM’s quality standards insist upon the predominant use of CSS3 elements, which are scaleable in nature and retain 100% quality when dynamically resizing to optimize for mobile and tablet devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Global on-page SEO is standard for all of our websites. In addition, all the pages we build on your website will be optimized as well. Our examples are straightforward and easy to replicate for any additional pages you may create on your own.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Google offers two fantastic, free tools to provide insight, analytics and health analysis for your website. VCM will create, configure and install both accounts for your new website with your provided email address. These accounts are yours to keep and use. Should you accept VCM’s Maintenance and Advanced Support package, our technical team will use these accounts as well.


Coming from the IT services space, VCM places a strong emphasis on standardization and consistency. Over the past five years VCM has amassed an extremely powerful set of approved software and tools that we use for all of our web projects. To optimize performance, reliability and support our solutions are only as complex as necessary—no more, no less.

Efficiency and  Expediency

Although styling cannot begin until after the final creative design is approved, the framework for your new website begins development shortly following the start of your  project.

In order to preserve your existing website and to give you complete visibility during the development process, your new website is built in our own environment until it is ready to deploy and go live.

3. Content Creation and Writing

VCM has a dedicated team of expert writers that take the time to learn your business, audience and preferred writing style and tone.

There is a saying that “Content is King,”  and that is because the content of your website is most important. The content is what will win over your visitors and persuade them to fill out a form and become a lead for your business.

Other web design companies make their web developers write your page content, but VCM uses specially trained copywriters for the task. Rest assured, your website will communicate the perfect message for your audience and business.

4. Quality Assurance and Testing

Before your website can be released for live deployment one of our senior developers rigorously examines and tests the build and functionality of your website. If something does not meet our standards it is proactively identified and fixed, even if there is no visible consequence to end-users. Only after your website meets all of VCM’s high standards of quality is it ready for delivery to you.

5. Final Delivery and Migration

Upon VCM quality assurance and your final approval, your website will be delivered by your desired methods whether it be full backup and migration script or live migration to your hosting account and domain—just let us know.

6. Training and Documentation

If you will be maintaining and administering your website yourself, our preferred method of documenting your new website is to record several short video clips showing and explaining how to accomplish routine administrative tasks. You will be emailed links to download your videos / documentation when ready.

7. Standard Support

All of VCM’s websites come with 30 days of support for technical issues, questions and minor changes. Simply open a support ticket and we’ll get it done. Our goal is to far surpass your expectations and deliver the best possible solution and experience.

Always included:

  • Powered by WordPress. The most widely used and supported CMS in the world!
  • Premium WP Theme engine and Plugin framework
  • CSS3 Responsive design for optimal smartphone and tablet experience
  • On-page search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Automatic site-map generation and submission to Google, Bing and Yahoo for search engine indexing
  • Performance / speed optimization with browser and page caching
  • WordPress hardening and Intrusion Prevention (IPS) for maximum security
  • Website backup and archival for automated or manual backups and restores
  • Advanced WordPress admin tools for database maintenance and more
  • Premium forms builder for lead capture, “Contact Us” pages, surveys and more

Also available:

  • Website tracking, visitor identification and email marketing (Rainmaker Marketing Automation)
  • Email campaign design and management
  • Secure web hosting with personal technical support
  • Membership portal
  • eCommerce products and shopping cart
  • Display advertising / PPC: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and more

Need something you don’t see? We do a whole lot more—too many to list! Just let us know what you need!