Why Content Curation is Perfect for IT Resellers

var-content-curationWe speak to VARs everyday and consistently, they tell us that one of their top marketing challenges is web content creation—particularly, keeping up with blog posts.

If you’ve researched content marketing or inbound marketing at all, you have probably come to the conclusion that blogging regularly is critical to appease the search engine gods, encourage social media interactions, increase web visitor engagement and ultimately uncover new sales opportunities. And you’d be right!
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Whats the best social media strategy? [infographic]


BuzzStream and Fractl have collaborated to research the content keywords, social platforms, influencers/amplifiers, and publishing dates that can have the most impact on your plan for social traction in 2015.

Using BuzzSumo, [they] analyzed 220,000 pieces of content from 10 high-engagement and 10 low-engagement publishers in 11 industry verticals. The result is a picture of the broad trends and vertical-specific nuances that can improve your social media strategy.

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10 Email Best-Practices [Infographic]

10-best-email-prac-featureSome 122,500,453,020 (122.5B) emails fly through the Internet  EVERY HOUR of EVERY DAY—WOW!

It’s no wonder that getting your email noticed is an art that every marketer must master.

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The Power of Video

video-marketing-for-varsNearly three-quarters of consumers (73%) say they are more likely to purchase after watching videos explaining a product or service, according to a recent report from Animoto.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise these days that video is the most powerful media, period.

Basically, videos are perfect for VARs and selling IT solutions!

If you look at the infographic below, you’ll see that the highest scoring video categories have to do with education, instruction, and products / services—all of which apply to selling IT solutions!
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Why Facebook Retargeting works for IT Resellers

Facebook Guide to MarketersAlthough Facebook doesn’t seem all that relevant to IT resellers and decision makers for business, you can bet the vast majority of your targets have Facebook accounts!

So then, how do you find them? It’s not like you can create a Facebook ad that targets companies that are looking for VDI or new storage.. or can you??

Here’s how to target Facebook ads to people looking for your IT solutions

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