Marketing 101 from Ingram Micro

marketing-101IT manufacturers and distributors are speaking out more and more about the importance of a structured marketing program for VARs and IT resellers.

Here are the key points from a recent Ingram Micro interview with ChannelPro:

  • A plan is as simple as four things. It’s what, who, how, and when. (VCM agrees and it all starts with WHY?)
  • Define your targets within your audience/influence
  • Find out where your target is learning online and focus your marketing there
  • Hold yourself accountable to a timeline
  • It’s critical to brand and differentiate your expertise—don’t “race to the bottom of a price”
  • The majority of SMBs do NOT use price as their first criterion—relationship comes FIRST
  • Don’t try to be all things to all people. To be an expert, limit what you talk about.
  • Keep it simple and just focus on your customers, decision makers, and influencers.
  • It’s not an option to say you don’t have time. Hire an agency like VAR Channel Marketing!
  • Marketing doesn’t happen as a one off. You have to consistently market.
  • Start with your website and perfect your brand messaging there. Make sure it’s clear.
  • VARs seem obsessed with lead generation, but content and the four W’s must come first.
    • VCM customers that invest the time to develop who, what, why and take a holistic, authentic and consistent approach to marketing have the best results by far! Marketing in a vacuum simply does not work.

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People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it

Simon Sineks Golden CircleI have listened to many great TED Talks over the years, but there is one that particularly stands out because of its prophetic truth and application not only to the VAR business, but for ALL businesses, and that is Simon Sinek’s, “The Golden Circle.”

Every single person in your organization needs to watch this video, PERIOD.

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