Upload Email Lists For Google Search, Gmail, YouTube Ad Targeting

google-logo-blue-slant-1920-800x450Google is taking a page from Facebook’s playbook with “Customer Match”, a new feature that allows you to target ads to specific audiences. For example, you could create an Adwords (or any google property) ad offering special discount pricing to current customers of Product A if they upgrade this month.

Another way to look at it is an additional channel to hit your audience with your offer, e.g. email your list inviting them to a live event as well as targeting an Adwords campaign to the same list!

Google is on the cusp of rolling out an anticipated and in-demand product feature in AdWords: the ability to upload and target audiences built from advertiser email lists.

Customer Match will let advertisers bid and create ads tailored to customer segments in search as well as with YouTube Trueview ads and Gmail ads.

Advertisers will be able to upload email lists manually or through the API to AdWords. Emails are matched against Google sign-in emails and anonymized.

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